Teach you how to buy Decorative Materials

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When purchasing decorative materials, shop around. When purchasing standard industrial products, such as paint and hardware accessories, select qualified products with brands. The key points for purchasing decorative materials are as follows:

1. Decorative panel: the texture, texture and color are basically the same, the thickness of wood veneer is 0.3mm, and the back plate is good.

2. Large core board: the panels on both sides are complete, smooth, with good color and luster. The wood in the middle is square and square without gaps. There is no crack and glue opening after sawing.

3. Splint: both sides are smooth, without damage or patch. The thickness of the interlayer is consistent. It is basically not warped or slightly warped.

4. Gypsum board: it can be sawed, planed and nailed firmly. The paper surface does not bubble, the thickness is consistent, and the appearance is flat and smooth.

5. Fireproof board: the thickness meets the requirements, the color is pleasing and not brittle (slightly brittle in winter construction).

6. Wood floor: good wood quality, good paint quality, good processing quality, clear texture and smooth feel.

7. Lines: the texture, texture and color are good and basically consistent, and the surface is smooth.

8. Ceramic tile: uniform size, no color difference, flat surface, no corner and edge loss, and clear sound when tapping.

9. Stone: the size is consistent, the thickness is uniform, there is no obvious color difference, the pattern is basically consistent, the finish is good, and there is no corner and edge loss.

10. Sanitary ware: the surface is bright and clean, the color is positive, the sound of tapping the porcelain structure is clear, the metal part is of good processing quality, and there is a certificate of conformity and a warranty card.

11. Hardware: smooth surface, heavy feeling in hand, standard screw processing, flexible rotation.

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