Choose solid wood or imitation wood

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Imitation wood products are becoming more and more common in our lives, and he mainly replaces the original wood. Because of the deterioration of the ecological environment of wood, China carries out effective control and management of wood resources. However, China's economic development and demand for wood have not decreased but increased. This contradictory supply and demand relationship has led to a rapid increase in demand for imitation wood products, and most of the "wood" we see in the market now refers to imitation wood products. Imitation wood materials are divided into, ceramic imitation wood, metal imitation wood, plastic imitation wood, composite imitation wood and so on.

Imitation wood products as a substitute for real wood, its appearance is similar to real wood, some good materials can even be fake in the touch feeling. It is not recognizable by the original senses.

In terms of economic cost, imitation wood products are very affordable. The cost of imitation wood products is lower than that of solid wood products. Different wood-like materials have their own advantages. And the effective utilization rate will be higher than that of solid wood. In the processing of solid wood, unused areas will be planed, the actual utilization rate is too low, and wood chips will be generated that require additional treatment. The subsequent processing process is numerous and complicated. Imitation wood products can be made in batches. Form a mechanized integrated process.

Some imitation wood materials have the characteristics of flame retardancy, corrosion resistance and durability, and can be made according to the needs of grain, and can carry out a variety of subsequent construction. It can create according to customer requirements at a lower cost.

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