Difference between PS foam decorative lines and ordinary photo frame lines

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Decoration materials are divided into two parts: one part is outdoor materials, and the other part is indoor materials. The latest decorative PS foam material is a new variety of decorative materials different from traditional building materials, especially suitable for indoor decoration. It includes many varieties and styles. The new PS foam decorative material is a kind of material with green, environmental protection, energy saving, thermal insulation and fire protection performance.

PS photo frame, also known as foamed photo frame and polymer photo frame, adopts environmental protection polymer PS frame strips, which are colorful and durable. Thousands of different frame types and core combinations provide you with the most comprehensive and satisfactory decorative product solutions. Jiangxi Taisheng photo frame line factory is a professional supplier of various PS foam decorative lines, medium and high-end photo frames and picture frames, providing you with various exquisite PS foam photo frames.

Wood lines are made of wood with advantages of hard quality, fine wood, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non splitting, smooth section, good processing property, good paint and coloring, good adhesion, strong nail force, etc. after strict drying treatment, they are processed mechanically or manually.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between PS foam decorative line and traditional wood line mirror frame line:

1. The wooden thread is afraid of water and moisture, and the solid wood is afraid of moths and easy to crack. From the material point of view, PS decorative lines do not have these problems. It is a new polymer material with excellent insect prevention effect.

2. The wooden string will be moldy and deformed in the case of moldy rain and excessive humidity. The PS decorative line is waterproof, non absorbent, non permeable, non deformed, both moldproof, easy to clean, and always new.

Compared with traditional materials, PS lines can replace traditional wood picture frames, mirror frame lines and decorative lines, which are more beautiful, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The surface treatment process is more concise and the effect is more beautiful. Besides, PS lines have the advantages of environmental protection, waterproof, moth proof and no deformation. At the same time, PS lines have 100% of the materials that can be recycled, greatly protecting the earth's environment and resources.

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