What are solid wood lines? How to choose?

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In the process of decoration, many people will choose wooden moldings to decorate. Usually, in order to make the furniture and the interior more integrated, some solid wood lines will be used to decorate the interior, which not only enhance the aesthetics of the house, but also play a certain role in protecting the wall. Even so, there are still many friends who do not know much about solid wood lines. Next, the editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of solid wood lines in detail, I hope the following article will help you!

First of all, what are solid wood lines? Solid wood lines are what we usually call wooden lines. In general, ashwagandha, camphor, paulownia and bentwood are used as raw materials. These logs will use some blades of different shapes to cut out various wooden strips when processing, and then dry them, which is what we call solid wood lines. The solid wood line is relatively hard because it is made of wood, and the wear resistance is strong, the corrosion resistance and nail grip are also very good, plus it is relatively easy to process and the adhesion is also good, so it is favored by people.

Secondly What does solid wood lines do? The first point of protection is the position of the wall veneer panel closure during the decoration process. If you do not use solid wood lines to protect it, it is inevitable that there will be bumps and bumps in the future use process, which will affect the overall aesthetics, so the use of solid wood lines, line layers and decorative layers will be provided with cushions, so that it plays a good protective role and can also improve aesthetics. The second decorative role, when the interior decoration, the surrounding space is empty, or if you want to match the furniture better, then you can use solid wood lines as decoration, so that the decoration of the whole house is more integrated. Like some wall corners with flaws, or parts with poor visual effects, they can be covered with solid wood lines, which increases its aesthetics. The third point is the fixed effect. In order to avoid some falling off during the use of the door cover, the solid wood lines will be reinforced, which can play a certain fixed role.

Finally, how to choose solid wood lines? Line material is very key, the material of solid wood lines can be divided into mixed oil and clear oil two, on the market, the material of mixed oil solid wood lines will be relatively low, the price will be slightly lower, mainly poplar, basswood, pine, white wood and other material lines. The price of clear oil solid wood lines will be slightly higher, because the requirements for materials are also relatively high, such as red walnuts, ashwagandha, black walnuts and so on. Line matching is very important, in the selection we need to pay attention to whether the line and our decoration style match, for example, wood lines can be matched with wallpaper, or plaster lines, of course, the color of the line should also be controlled, which can improve the aesthetics of the space. Line quality, if the wooden line is more wooden knots or has insect eyes, then it is easy to break in the future. Whether the wooden thread is smooth and flat to the touch, and whether the color has color difference or discoloration. Line size should be noted, solid wood lines are generally calculated by meters, if less than one meter is also calculated according to one meter, or according to the decoration of the crimping line and filling line to set the length, width and height, which can avoid waste and cause unnecessary losses.

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