Ingenious decoration makes the room exquisite and chic

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Nowadays, under the careful design, the living room can fully display the extremely pleasant effect. Small rooms are not terrible. The key is scientific decoration. The details are as follows:

Exquisite workmanship is reflected in doors and windows

As the saying goes, "small and exquisite". The small room makes it more exquisite. When you are replacing the aluminum alloy window, you may as well replace the cement plate window sill with marble plate, and grind the inner edge of the window sill into a curve. In addition, some simple and elegant patterns such as flowers are polished around the window glass, and the aluminum alloy window can also be made into a convex quadrangle or hexagonal shape. In this way, the small room has "a pair of beautiful big eyes".

For the door, the axis sliding door can be changed to the "Japanese" sliding door. In any case, the door should be decorated with some patterns. The craft door is a picture. It is better to use logs.

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