Each color of the solid wood photo wall has its unique interpretation!

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1. Baby photo wall: many families are more complete because of the baby, and the baby has become the heart of the family. Therefore, we can make a photo wall of the baby's growth, and combine some photos of the baby from birth, so that they can recall their childhood when they grow up.

2. Personal photo wall: today's young people will take some photo albums to better record their youth. It's a waste to put Meimei's photos in the cabinet. It's better to use them to make a photo wall.

3. Family photo wall: put family photos, members' photos and even relatives' photos on the wall to feel the warmth of a big family at any time. Moreover, if the production is exquisite, the relatives will not only make their eyes bright, but also move them.

4. Travel Photos: when traveling or on business, people will take group photos of different buildings or scenic spots. Those photos record your every step. Before making a photo, they will show different local customs.

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