Photo wall decoration new technique: black and white instead of color photos

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Decorating the walls with photo walls is a habitual way of room decoration. However, there is a new fashion to decorate walls with "photos". Replacing color photos with black-and-white photos and replacing large photos with small ones are all other kinds of decoration.

Black and white: it looks cool

Many people have experienced the charm of black and white photos in bars and tea houses,

You might as well move this idea home and decorate your room with black and white photos, which may get twice the result with half the effort. From the overall performance effect, black-and-white photos will bring a sense of nostalgia and have a visual impact. In a colorful background, black-and-white photos are more attractive because of their simple hues.

The cost of decorating a room with black-and-white photos is relatively much cheaper, and the content is very wide. As long as you think something meaningful can be taken, and the production is relatively simple. Black and white photos rarely have the same things, which can better reflect the personality of the owner of the room. If you still keep the photos of your ancestors, you may as well reprint them and arrange them on the wall of the living room or study to show the nostalgic mood. However, you should pay attention that the single photo cannot be too large, otherwise it will be depressing; Don't put several photos in one picture frame. It's better to put one photo in one picture frame to form a picture. It's also not suitable to hang it on the main wall at a place too clear.

If the color of your bedroom wall is strong, and the color photos will undoubtedly be affected by the noise, then try to make several black and white photos, and the effect will be surprisingly good.

Decorate the room with the pictures of idols. It is generally suitable for the study or the young people's room. The photos can be large or small, and can be more or less. Even if you enlarge the picture to a wall full of people, it's very unusual.

Small photos: small ones are beautiful

In the past, it was very popular to hang a huge mirror frame on the wall. When taking wedding photos, you can't even put out a large one to hang on the head of the bed. Now, hang this big picture, it's dirt! Try a small photo.

Of course, the photo cannot be too small. The length of the frame is usually several tens of centimeters. The first decoration method is cool and suitable for artists and single men's homes. The life photos, or the exquisite scenery photos, or the idol photos, are installed in the uniform color frame, and the whole wall is hung with the height staggered. From a distance, this wall is magically enriched, like a world full of content. The strangest thing is that it's just as good-looking as you put it, arrange it and match it.

The other decoration method is simple. There are only three or four small photos on a large wall. At this time, collocation is the key. The collocation of horizontal and vertical films, the collocation of colors, and the collocation of single and group photos test your composition ability.

If you want to emphasize a proud photo, even a wedding photo, you can hang only one on a wall. The photos are also small, and the effect is no worse than that of the large bedside photos. At this time, it should be noted that a suitable frame is needed to make your photos stand out from the background of the wall. If your wall is not pure white, but light beige, light blue, light purple or other colors, it is even more unique.

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