Decorative line type

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With the development of society, people's requirements for buildings are deepening day by day. The beautiful facade of buildings is the design pursuit of architects. How to change the shape through simple decoration of decorative lines and make it look brand new. This is inseparable from decorative lines and decorative products. Then, next, I will introduce the installation of decorative lines and the types of decorative lines.

Decoration line installation

The construction tools of the decorative line include saw blade, hand saw, tape measure, angle ruler, wire brush, hammer, steel nail, etc. Be prepared before construction. Before construction, it is necessary to check whether the wall surface is flat. It is required that there is no bulge or foreign matter on the plane. Some concave places should be filled. Ensure that the plane error does not exceed 5mm.

Generally, cement mortar is used for the installation of wall lines, and the mortar used for construction is special age bonding mortar and surface polymer crack resistant mortar. It is better to mix manually, with less water, and the ratio of water to mortar shall be kept at about 1:5. To add water and mix, the mortar must be mixed evenly and moderately. Only in this way will it be more conducive to adhesion and reduce shedding. When pasting, try to put the cement mortar in place, but make it thin, and then squeeze it forcefully. This is the best effect. Some large objects should be temporarily reinforced and supported.

Installation is a meticulous work, and the installation gap also affects the appearance. Generally, it is kept at about 3mm. If it is not more than 3mm, it shall be polished with sandpaper on the second day. If the gap is too large, it should be filled to ensure that the error is not more than 1mm.

In addition to seams, there are various points for attention. For example, when pasting wall lines on some circular columns, special attention should be paid to the width of the wall lines, as well as the upper and lower flat lines. For some rectangular columns, it is necessary to consider that there is no crack, and the quality is mainly concentrated at the 45 degree angle to prevent falling off.

In some doors or window sills, marble lines shall be strictly prohibited from being jointed to ensure that the inside and outside are consistent and beautiful. Before installation, make sure that the bottom is laid so that the gap will not be obvious. There are also some unique and bold designs in the interior, which also use the wall lines of the external walls. When the wall line of the external wall is used indoors, it is more important to pay attention to the meticulous construction. Do not drill holes or dig the wall to keep the wall clean.

Decorative line type

1. Imitation marble line

The raw material of the imitation marble lines that sell well in the market is nano stone powder, which has the texture of stone. The texture is hard, not easy to deform, and easy to install. The surface texture is made by water transfer printing process, clear and natural, and various styles. It is mainly used for TV background wall, elevator door pocket, waist line, skirting line, closing line, etc.

2. Solid wood line

The wood line is made of hard, fine wood, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non splitting, smooth section, good processing property, good paint and coloring, good adhesion and strong nail force. After drying, it is machined or manually processed. The lines are beautiful and smooth, the wood grain is clear and beautiful, and the surface is free of joint defects. It is not deformed, peeled and durable after use. It is an environmentally friendly material.

3. Stainless steel line

Stainless steel decorative lines are formed by cold pressing. Strict selection of perfect combination, elegant shape, gorgeous and beautiful appearance, solid and durable product structure, not easy to scale, rust, easy to clean, belong to one-time investment.

4. PS line

The raw material of PS line is polystyrene. The product has light weight, high impact resistance, high strength, excellent water resistance and good toughness. It can be recycled for secondary use and is green. PS lines are also commonly used in the production of photo frames, picture frames and mirror frames, with low cost and various styles, which are very popular with consumers.

5. PVC line

PVC decorative line has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, and simple construction. There are many specifications, colors and patterns, which are highly decorative, stable and dielectric, durable, anti-aging, easy to fuse and bond, and widely used in decoration.

6. GRC line

GRC decorative line is a kind of fiber cement composite material with alkali resistant glass fiber as the reinforcement material and cement mortar as the matrix material. It is a light, high-strength, high-toughness and multi-functional new inorganic composite material made by spraying, mold casting, extrusion, slurry flow and other production processes. It is mainly used outdoors.

7. Stone line

Stone lines are made of natural stones and used in indoor and outdoor buildings. The common stone lines include marble lines, granite lines and sandstone lines. The decorative effect is very good, but the price is expensive and it is difficult to maintain.

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