Solid wood decorative lines are everywhere, adding color to the wall

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There are many choices for wall design at home, such as gypsum line, marble, etc., but these prices are quite expensive. Is there any material that is cost-effective, beautiful and practical?

Solid wood lines: now widely used in home decoration, can play a decorative and protective role. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for goods are also getting higher and higher. This line is made according to such requirements. It is made of pollution-free materials, simple processing, many colors, various styles, beautiful after decoration, atmospheric and high-grade.

About solid wood lines

Solid wood lines are protruding or inlaid on the wall. After simple decoration and changing the shape, the overall space can be refreshed. Therefore, solid wood lines play an aesthetic role in decoration.

The solid wood line and the overall background wall panel are produced by the same production process, and the main components are multi-layer solid wood and other auxiliary materials. Through the paint free coating process, the production process is consistent with the steps of the wall panel.

The solid wood line has the advantages of moisture-proof, mold proof, green environmental protection, strong and durable, and easy to clean the surface. In addition, there is a solid environmental protection decoration layer on the surface of the solid wood line. The material, color, texture and tactility of the decoration layer are very rich, which can meet the needs of most decoration design and become the new favorite of the interior decoration of buildings in recent years.

Classification of solid wood decorative lines

Skirting line - the skirting line can better make the wall and the ground firmly combined, reduce the deformation of the wall and avoid damage caused by external force collision. In addition to the function of protecting the wall surface, the skirting line also occupies a considerable proportion in the proportion of home aesthetics. It is the contour line of the ground, and the line of sight often falls on it naturally.

Top corner line - the top corner line is generally used to cover the intersection line between the ceiling and the background wall. According to the different styles of interior decoration, it can also play a decorative role to a certain extent.

Waist line - the waist line generally refers to the horizontal horizontal line on the building wall. It functions like a beautiful belt, which surrounds the middle of the wall, adds color to the monotonous wall, changes the atmosphere of the space, and plays a decorative role.

Closing line - there are many connecting parts in the decoration. In order to prevent them from being exposed and ensure the overall beauty, the closing line is usually made with specific lines, that is, the closing line.

Internal corner line - generally used at the junction of wall surface and top surface.

Solid wood lines must be used for the perfect integration of the overall background wallboard with the indoor environment. On the one hand, it plays the role of closing, making the top surface and the wall seamlessly connected; On the other hand, it plays the role of decorative beauty, highlighting the style and appearance of the overall interior decoration, and enhancing its decoration.

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