Solid wood photo frame line knowledge

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Solid wood photo frame lines are very common household accessories. What are the main styles of solid wood photo frames? How to maintain a solid wood photo frame?

Solid wood photo frame, also known as wood photo frame and wood photo frame, is a photo frame made of wood as raw material.

Common solid wood photo frames include Chinese fir, pine, oak, Tongmu, oak, etc. Fir and pine are commonly used.

The material is determined according to the grade of the photo frame. The common ones are rectangle, square, circle, heart, oval and other special shapes. Rectangle is the most common.

Solid wood photo frame style: common desktop, vertical and hanging. Small desktop is common.

Process: the wood is dried and made, and the wood shape is controlled by the cutter. The surface is treated with paint and foil.

Birch skin photo frame: solid wood mirror frame, birch skin appearance, sewn with pure leather strips. A boat with hieroglyphic branches, pine towers, leaves, birch bark.

Maintenance of solid wood photo frame: the solid wood photo frame should be handled with care to avoid collision or extrusion; Avoid exposure to sunlight and avoid placing in wet places; When there is dust or dirt on the surface, do not wipe it with a wet cloth to prevent moisture from entering the solid wood frame.

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