Solid wood decorative lines bring you simple and quiet beauty

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"What can be changed in these years? In this impetuous age, we have seen too many brands disappear like meteors, and we have no time to feel the" instant beauty "they bring, and then disappear into people's vision. Time is an important standard to test the gold content of a brand. If time is used to measure it, the longer the better.

This kind of solid wood decorative line is specially designed for various background walls. The material is generally imported pine wood. It is made of non stuttering solid wood and processed by finger plate technology. The material itself is very environmental friendly. Some low-end decorative lines in the market are made of density board or particle board. The material is not environmentally friendly, so it is not recommended to buy.

Compared with the stone background wall, the cost of the solid wood decorative line is less than a quarter of that of the stone background wall. It has strong plasticity, meets the complex modeling design and is simple to install.

Solid wood line has protective effect

If the closing position of the wall facing panel is not protected by lines, it will inevitably be scratched in the future use process, which will affect the use and aesthetics. Solid wood lines are used, and a cushion is set between the decorative layer and the line layer, so as to achieve a good protection effect, make the use more beautiful and last longer.

Solid wood lines can be used as background wall decoration

The solid wood decorative lines are specially designed for various background walls. In addition to being applied to the background of the living room, they are also applicable to the bedroom, hallway, dining room, study and other places, which can play a decorative and protective role.

Of course, solid wood lines can not only be used as decoration on the background wall, such as the entrance entrance, or the end of the corridor, or the restaurant, bedroom and other places where there is a need. The wall with special adaptability can better decorate the home, and any style is applicable.

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