Decoration line purchase, decoration line plastering method

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Decorative line is a commonly used decorative material in house decoration. It is a small decorative edge used on the wall top and the top surface. The price of decorative lines is cheap and the decorative effect is good. More and more families begin to use this decorative material in decoration. What should I pay attention to when buying decorative lines? How to do the plastering of decoration lines? Let's take a look at the decoration line purchase and plastering knowledge together with Xiaobian.

1. Purchase of decorative lines

(1) Look at the depth of the pattern. Generally speaking, the unevenness of the decorative lines should be more than 10mm, so that the decorative lines can have a three-dimensional feeling and the decorative effect can be better. If the concave and convex surface of the decorative line is only 5 ~ 9mm, the decorative effect of this decorative line will be much worse.

(2) Look at the surface finish of the line. When buying decorative lines, check the surface smoothness of decorative lines. The decorative effect of decorative lines with good hand feel and good finish can be good. Even if the gypsum lines with rough and unsmooth surfaces are far away after installation, they still give people a feeling of rough and indiscriminate construction.

(3) Look at the section. Most of the decorative lines are gypsum lines. When you buy gypsum lines, you should pay attention to the section of the gypsum lines. Several layers of fiber mesh shall be laid inside the gypsum line, so that the strength of the gypsum line can be guaranteed. Some inferior gypsum lines are not laid with fiber mesh or are laid with inferior fiber mesh. When purchasing, you can ask the dealer for the section of the gypsum line to judge the quality of the gypsum line from the section.

2. Plastering method of decorative line

Decorative line plastering is a relatively complex process, and any carelessness in construction will affect the overall decorative effect. The decorative line plastering process is carried out according to the steps of finding rules → positioning → pulling ash line → detail treatment. We will introduce some of these steps in detail below.

(1) Find rules. The steps for finding rules for decorative line plastering are the same as those for general plastering, but the requirements for finding rules for decorative line plastering are higher and slightly more complicated. When finding rules for decorative lines, the four corners of the top surface of the house must be square, and the internal and external corners must be square. At the same time, it is necessary to find out the thickness of the ceiling plastering, pop up the horizontal line for watering, and find out the order of plastering. It is also necessary to pay attention to plastering the bottom and middle layers of the wall and ceiling. The high-rise buildings do not need to be wiped now.

(2) Positioning. The so-called positioning is to determine the position of the template, which is the most important in the plastering of decorative lines. The construction of positioning is simple and complex. The key is that the position of formwork must not be wrong. When positioning, first use a ruler to align the angle, and then determine the position of the upper guiding rule outside the profiling head, and snap a horizontal line according to the position.

(3) Pull the gray line. The ash pulling line shall be carried out after the formwork is fixed. Be careful when pulling the mortar line. It is better to carry out it in layers, so as to avoid cracking and bulging of the mortar layer due to the thickness of the cement mortar layer. We first apply a thin layer of 1:1 cement mortar, and then use 1:4 cement mortar. After two layers, the gray line basically comes out.

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