Where can I use lines for interior decoration?

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In the interior decoration, the outline of decorative solid wood lines can still play a very important role in the overall vision, especially in the wall decoration. It can be said that there are countless lines. Many decorative lines are displayed in the form of facade lines in the eyes of all people. Modern living room design, where can I use lines on the wall? For some friends who want to add bricks and tiles to the interior design, Xiaobian also gives us some suggestions on the application of facade lines.

1. Door pocket line: for the wall door opening, the door pocket line is indispensable. If there is no door pocket, the whole wooden door will not be directly fixed on the wall. Although the frame of the door pocket is important, it is not prominent in the visual effect. The main reason is that it is often connected with the door, and even the color is the same. Therefore, the prominence of the door pocket in the visual effect is not high, but from the perspective of practicality, Its performance can be affirmed by everyone. Gypsum line decoration of background wall

2. TV wall: a frame line is often designed for the TV background wall. The overall visual sense of this line is relatively prominent, and it can often cover the entire decoration range of the background wall. Its materials are also various. Generally speaking, it is made to adapt to the color or texture of the background wall. The most common is the gypsum line material. The gypsum line itself is more decorative, In addition, it is not very abrupt to match with the wall decoration, so many people will use it as the line layout. A small number of decorative lines made of solid wood materials or wood plastic materials also play a very good role in the decoration of some solid wood background walls, such as Chinese style background walls. Wall lines of the whole household

3. Decorative paintings when designing decorative paintings on the wall, it often forms a line outline of "mouth" structure. If there is a picture frame, it is not necessary. Some wall decorative paintings without a picture frame can be integrated into the overall decorative painting through the lines designed by solid wood or wood plastic materials, so that the decorative effect becomes more clear-cut and conforms to the aesthetic of modern decoration.

4. Top corner line: the top corner line is mainly the decorative line designed at the junction of the wall and the ceiling. Generally, the gypsum line is mainly used. This can not only prevent dust cobwebs from appearing in the concave corner, but also prevent the wall and the ceiling from being excessively decorated. Classic American style skirting line 5. Skirting line skirting line is often the connecting line between the wall and the ground. It is generally made of marble or wood materials. It is mainly used to prevent cleaning. During daily mopping or sweeping, the stains on the wall will be stained on the wall. In this way, the wall will be black and very ugly. The skirting line is good to prevent such a situation, and daily cleaning is relatively simple.

There are many line materials on the wall, such as gypsum, marble, solid wood, wood plastic, etc. many people have some doubts about the two materials of solid wood and wood plastic, or have different opinions. Which of the two materials is better? In fact, the white door frame and skirting line should be seen according to different situations. If it is about the decorative effect, it is sure that the decorative pattern of solid wood materials is more delicate and natural, but it is easy to be damaged. Although the decorative fineness of wood plastic materials is not high, it is better than the material property price ratio. It can be waterproof and anti fouling, and daily household cleaning is also very awesome. If we want to compare which one is better, the wood plastic material is better from the perspective of small weaving, because it has a long service life, while ordinary people do not do a good job in the maintenance of natural wood, especially for the wall skirting line, which can easily lead to moldy deterioration.

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