What is the solid wood decorative line? How much is a meter? Construction process and how to maintain it?

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1、 What is the solid wood decorative line

1. Environmentally friendly building materials

Environmental protection building material products, EPS decorative line is an environmental protection decorative building material product, which can prevent fire and will not emit toxic substances. It is a new type of exterior wall decorative line and component.

It is more suitable for installation on EPS and XPS insulation walls of external walls, which can not only reflect the European classical and elegant decoration style, but also ensure that the external walls of the main building do not have cold and hot bridge effects. It has the advantages of convenient installation, economy and long durability. EPS decorative line was introduced by Shanghai Hongxuan architectural decoration project.

2. Type of solid wood decorative line

There are various types of EPS lines, you can choose. The main products are carved patterns, window cover lines, waist lines, door cover lines, cornice lines, beam brackets, roman columns, door decorations, decorative components and other products, and can be customized according to drawings. The raw material of the imitation marble line of the EPS decorative line that sells well in the market is nano stone powder, which has the texture of stone, hard texture, not easy to deform and easy to install. The surface texture of Yiheng science and Technology stone is made by water transfer printing technology, which is clear and natural and has various styles. It is mainly used for TV background wall, elevator door pocket, waist line, skirting line, window edge line, etc.

2、 Precautions for purchasing solid wood decorative lines

1. The product error of EPS lines with good quality is generally 0.5mm, and some even 0.001mm. Moreover, it has good flexibility, even and smooth surface, no cracking, and excellent waterproof performance. The normal service life can be as long as 50 years;

2. Quality: appearance quality. EPS decorative lines with missing edges and corners shall have neat edges. No missing edges and corners are allowed on the visible surface. The area of missing edges and corners of non obvious parts shall not be more than 2cm2. The area of missing edges and corners of each product shall not be more than 2. Honeycomb pockmarked surface: no honeycomb pockmarked surface is allowed on the visible surface of EPS decorative line. The area and depth of honeycomb pockmarked surface of non obvious parts shall not be greater than 5cm2 and 2mm. The honeycomb pockmarked surface of each product shall not be more than 2. Warpage: the warpage value shall not be greater than 2mm / M (it is allowed to straighten with external force). Plane bending, the bending value is not more than 2mm / M (it is allowed to straighten with external force). Edge flatness (lateral bending) and unevenness ≤ 2mm / M (straightening by external force is allowed). The allowable deviation of dimension shall not exceed the provisions in the table. Allowable dimension deviation: the allowable height and width of the project are - 2mm ~ + 2mm, the thickness of the mortar layer is - 0.5mm, and the total length of the line is - 6mm ~ + 10mm. Note: the standard thickness of the mortar layer is 3mm.

3. Inspection: appearance quality, missing edges and corners, honeycomb and pockmarked surface. Measuring tool, steel ruler, measuring range 0-300mm, division value 1mm. Methods: observe whether EPS decorative lines have missing edges and corners and honeycomb pockmarks, measure the size of missing edges and corners and honeycomb pockmarks, and calculate the defect area. Warpage, measuring tape, measuring range 0-5000mm, division value 1mm; Steel ruler, measuring range 0-300mm, division value 1mm.

3、 How much is the solid wood decorative line per meter

EPS lines of different materials have different prices. For example, the price of installing EPS lines under Zhejiang qiange Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is 19 yuan per piece, starting from 200 pieces. The company also introduced that the price of EPS lines in the industry varies from 10 * 10 lines to 45-65 lines, so the installation unit price will be different according to different customer regions. The better the quality, the higher the natural price. The specific price can be determined after detailed communication. Welcome to consult directly. On Alibaba's website, you can find the prices of various EPS lines and compare them with others.

4、 EPS line construction process - specific construction scheme is as follows:

Tools: construction tools saw blade, hand saw, tape measure, angle ruler, trowel, wallpaper knife, 2m guiding rule, ash knife, steel wire brush, ink fountain, hammer and steel nail.

1. Other construction procedures such as wall surface, window and door openings to be constructed and installed have been completed and accepted.

2. Base course cleaning. Clean up the remaining floating ash, release agent oil stain and other sundries on the concrete wall and the plastering hollow part. Remove the cracked concrete blocks, inclusions and hollows at the wall joints, and repair them again; The cornice of the window sill shall be sloped with cement mortar according to 2%, and various openings of the external wall shall be filled tightly. It is required that the flatness deviation of the surface of the bonded polystyrene board shall not exceed 4 mm. If the deviation is out of tolerance, the protruding part of the wall shall be polished and the concave part shall be repaired (if the thickness of the repair is more than 6 mm, the 1:3 cement mortar shall be used for plastering; if the thickness of the repair is less than 6 mm, the thermal insulation construction unit shall use polymer bonded sand slurry for repair); To ensure that the flatness of the whole wall is within 4 mm, and the internal and external corners are square and smooth.

3. Prepare mortar. The mortar used for construction is divided into special bonding mortar and surface layer polymer crack resistant mortar. During construction, the hand-held electric mixer shall be used for mixing. The mass ratio of the mixed bonding mortar is water: mortar = 1:5, and mixing shall be carried out while adding water; The mixing time shall be ≥ 5 min. the mixing must be sufficient and uniform, with moderate consistency and certain viscosity. After the mortar is prepared, it must stand for 5 min, and then be mixed again before use. The mixed mortar shall be used up within 1 h.

Before pasting the polystyrene board, apply a layer of special interface agent on the bonding surface of the polystyrene board to enhance the bonding force between the polystyrene board and the bonding mortar; After the interface agent is dried, the polymer bonding mortar can be applied for wall pasting construction. Pre gluing the plate end turning over mesh cloth: the plate side turning over mesh cloth shall be pasted in advance at the positions such as the louver plate, cornice, balcony and expansion joint, and 80 mm of the mesh cloth not less than 220 mm wide shall be firmly pasted on the base surface with special bonding mortar (the thickness of bonding mortar shall not exceed 2 mm).

4. According to the construction drawings, snap the positioning line (center line or side line) at the position where EPS components are to be installed.

5. Cut EPS components according to the installation dimension of the drawing. EPS components are of standard size, and the width of splicing joint shall be considered during cutting.

6. When pasting EPS components, the mesh cloth shall be turned over. In case of special circumstances, it can be directly pasted without turning over. Polystyrene EPS component adhesive shall be high-quality bonding mortar, and the thin-layer full bonding method shall be adopted for bonding. The EPS component shall be pressed to make the mortar overflow from the periphery, and the bonding joint width shall not be greater than 3mm. The bonding joint shall be hooked with the bonding, the mortar joint shall be full, and the surface of EPS components shall be kept clean.

5、 Precautions for installation of solid wood decorative lines

1. During construction, the ambient temperature shall be no more than 38 ° C and no less than 5 ° C. when the temperature is lower than this, the bonding mortar must adopt the frost resistant formula. The wind force is not greater than level 5.

2. Before installing and cutting EPS components, it is not necessary to wet the wall with water. Dust, dirt and other sundries affecting the bonding strength should be cleaned up.

3. During assembly, the assembly joint shall be left in the middle of the whole EPS component as far as possible.

4. When bonding EPS components, water for mortar shall be added as recommended. However, the amount of water added to the mortar during splicing shall be 1  2% higher than the recommended amount.

5. Attention shall be paid to the maintenance of just bonded EPS components to prevent rain erosion and artificial damage.

6、 Maintenance method of solid wood decorative line

Main maintenance

This main curing stage is to continue to protect the demoulded EPS lines from the influence of sunlight, wind and low humidity of the air. Generally, the EPS lines are still wrapped with plastic film to avoid direct sunlight. Local humidity can also be maintained by spraying wet mist.

Secondary curing

When the products are stored and used, and there is obvious difference between the surrounding and curing stages, it is necessary to take controlled post curing.

This can take some simple methods to protect the products from direct sunlight during storage. EPS line shall reach the designed strength during storage, and the protection at this stage is to limit its drying shrinkage.

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