Skillfully decorate your own wall with solid wood picture frames to make it look new!

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1. The selection of picture frame should be fixed

When you choose home furnishings, it is best to set a theme in advance, and then all the mirror frames, photo frames and picture frames can revolve around this theme.

2. Frame style of mixing old and new

As long as it is properly matched, the old and new frames with different styles can be harmoniously integrated, which will be very vivid. It should be noted that different styles can use the same color to unify the overall effect. Eggshell color and satin wood color are highly recommended by designers here.

3. Application in black and white picture frame

If there are some old black-and-white photos at home, don't throw them away. Select them and put them in black or white picture frames, and then hang them on a wall in groups. Black-and-white photos often give people a sense of nostalgia. With some classical home furnishings and ornaments, this corner will display a strong old style.

4. Transcend the bondage of "box"

There is a big taboo when decorating the family environment with mirror frames and photo frames - don't frame all inspiration and ideas in rigid bondage. A home decorated with the theme of "frame" does not necessarily have similar elements on every wall. On the contrary, you can simply use Frameless paintings to show your artistic taste, or take the frame as an alternative decoration to highlight your unique interests.

5. Make photo frames by yourself

The cost of customizing the photo frame is not much, and sometimes you can even make it yourself, and the decorative effect can be refreshing. For example, paste different shells on the picture frame to make a series of beach combinations; Download your favorite photos, and then enlarge and print them and put them in the picture frame of the unified color system to create the small and fresh style of Bohemia;

6. Application of unconventional size picture frame

A picture frame of unconventional size can be used to arrange a narrow space. For example, if a wall is less than half a meter long and needs a frame, the designer has customized a slender picture frame with simple abstract paintings to decorate. This effect is better than putting a small painting.

In short, the ingenious use of "box" can not only add more storage space to your home, but also show your favorite collection at ordinary times, so that guests can experience your unique taste and your attention to decorative details.

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