Selection of decorative picture frame lines

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Many people like to draw their own paintings, or some friends give them a painting, and then they will go to the mounting shop to mount it. How can I protect the picture without mounting it? How can I hang it? Some of the masters of the mounting shop will recommend you what lines are good to mount. Some masters may mount more cross stitch. For your paintings, they may also mount them according to the standards of cross stitch or aesthetics. This may not match the picture at all, or even damage the original feeling and beauty of the painting. So how to choose a decorative painting line, that is, the frame line?

The editor gives suggestions to netizens from the following aspects:

Look at the screen layout. If there is more space around the original painting (like sketch portrait, color lead portrait). You can choose light wood grain color frame lines, or black and white lines. Do not choose gold or silver portraits that make people feel like Buddha statues. It looks very uncomfortable. In short, it's good to be simple. If the picture is very full, it is suggested to ask the mounting master to add inner lines to increase the sense of space.

Second, look at the style of the picture. If the picture is of European oil painting style, the realistic landscape oil painting is thick in color and complex in description. You can choose the elegant European style photo frame lines for mounting. It's very grand and dignified. It's high-grade. Generally, the selected frame lines are gold, wood, silver and other large lines.

Third, look at the size of the screen. This is very simple. Small paintings have small standard lines, and large paintings have large standard lines. Otherwise, it is completely disharmonious.

Fourth, look at the color system of the picture. Generally speaking, the color system and lines of the picture should be related or have the same feeling. Otherwise, a Chinese painting with a colorful modern simple frame would be wonderful. It should be matched with Chinese antique lines or simple wood grain lines to be very suitable for Chinese painting. And oil painting is best matched with European style frame lines.

I hope that the above articles on what lines to match with decorative paintings can help you to mount your pictures.

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