How to place the photo frame at home?

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After the overall decoration of the home, if you feel empty or want to add some creativity, it is suggested that you can choose to put decorative paintings in the room. Of course, you can also make your own art photos into decorative paintings to decorate your house. It will be a unique work!

When you choose the decorative painting or your beautiful photo, how to put it? This requires the advice of some experts. Next, I will explain how to hang and place decorative paintings.

When you want to decorate the wall above the sofa, large class platform or a group of benches, the best position to hang pictures is the position where your eyes are level between the furniture and the ceiling, and it is best to hang pictures on 2 / 3 of the space on the wall.

Hanging a painting too high will not only affect the aesthetic feeling, but also cause visual discordance between the painting and the furniture. Our suggestion is to hang the painting about 20cm above the furniture.

When you hang a picture on the sofa, remember to leave an arm's distance above the sofa back. There is a trick: place your arm flat on the sofa back, and you can estimate the approximate distance. The "horizontal line" is often used to define the best position for hanging a picture (150cm from the ground), but it is more suitable for arranging larger paintings, and it is not coordinated for smaller paintings. In fact, it's good to hang some exquisite small works on the horizontal line of the sitting view, so that the sitting people can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Such as cloakroom, dressing room, rest room, study and dining room.

Those oversized furniture need strong works to achieve balance. From the visual point of view, we can consider decorating 2 to 3 works to enhance the visual effect.

When decorating the wall behind the sofa or the entrance of the lobby, if you hang an odd number of pictures, it will be visually coordinated and the space will be large.

Open space: if the space is relatively open, in order to appear harmonious, an even number of paintings can be decorated and hung compactly, such as the high wall with the vault.

Narrow space: if the space is narrow, you can also decorate a group of paintings with even numbers, and hang them compactly, such as the kitchen or the stair platform. This can play the role of windows. In order to strengthen this effect, you can choose light colors and thin frames.

In the above two cases, the key to hanging pictures is to hang a group of pictures more closely, so as to have a sense of integrity and not appear unrelated.

If you have a group of paintings with similar themes, sizes and frame styles, you can consider displaying the paintings symmetrically to achieve the balance of mirror images.

Symmetrical displays are often used to create the atmosphere of galleries, on large furniture, such as sofas and fireplaces.

If you have a group of paintings that are not consistent in subject matter, size, frame and other styles, you can consider displaying the paintings asymmetrically to achieve visual balance.

When you hang two large paintings together, you can try to hang one higher and the other lower. It will be harmonious.

In order to add interest and vitality to the room, you can combine paintings of different sizes for display.

If there are vertical banners and horizontal banners in a group of paintings, you can consider hanging the vertical banners in the middle with two horizontal banners beside. For example, the middle is a vertical building theme work, and the next two banners can be matched with panoramic landscape paintings.

If the hanging is compact, the distance between the two pictures can be 5cm or less. The spacing is usually 10-15 cm. (here's a trick: you can put your fingers together and put your hands between the two pictures.)

Museum style display is generally displayed at a height of 150cm above the ground, regardless of the size of the paintings.

The modern gallery style display effect is especially suitable for corridors, lounges, staircases and restaurants. This display mode leaves sufficient space for appreciation of each painting, making it convenient for the viewer to appreciate one good work after another.

After reading this article, you should have a preliminary understanding of how to hang decorative paintings, large photo frames and picture frames. Then go and decorate your bedroom!

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