The purchase of the material for making the photo frame shall correspond to the material of the photo frame

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With the trend of personalization becoming more and more popular, even the photo frame that only serves as a foil has become personalized and fashionable. The picture frame shall have the functions of stable structure, easy access to and placement of pictures and beautiful appearance. The main picture frames now include glass picture frames, crystal picture frames, iron picture frames, aluminum picture frames and metal picture frames. The picture frame line manufacturer shall share the purchase of the picture frame production materials according to the material of the picture frame itself and select the picture frame production materials accordingly.

Crystal photo frame photo frame production materials include crystal glass, shadowless glue, pixel requirements of electronic photos, etc. There are also many kinds of crystal photo frames. There are also precious ones, such as glass crystal photo frames, amber crystal photo frames, ivory crystal photo frames, color edge crystal photo frames, and Korean crystal photo frames. The crystal photo frame has the characteristics of longer storage time than the wood photo frame from the perspective of the material of the photo frame. The crystal panel selected by different types of crystal photo frames is also different. For the crystal photo frame, it can embed the photos into the crystal panel, so that the photos can be completely separated from the air, never fade, and can also be sunscreen and waterproof. Of course, the selection of materials for making crystal photo frames should also be based on the level of the picture frames to be made.

Wood photo frames are still the mainstream type of photo frames, and the current wood photo frames are also following the fashion line. There are European and American style, Japanese and Korean style, Chinese style and other types, as well as flower carving, antique wood hollow carving and so on, with a variety of varieties. The main production materials are wood, nail angle machine, paint, glass and so on.

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